I like to build things

Whether it is simple or complex, I like to work with my hands and learn new skills while I do it.  I've had the opportunity to be on some super neat projects with really amazing people, and I've acquired a variety of tricks for the next time I need to build a machine or a monster.  Below are some of my projects.  (Check back soon for summary pages)



In 2009, four art school nerds went from knowing very little about building cars let alone about how to race one, to still not knowing much about cars but managing to build the world's fasted downhill soapbox car to ever compete in the Red Bull Soap Box Race in 3 months.  We took First Place, set a speed record of nearly 50 miles per hour in a gravity-powered cart, and somehow navigated those teeny front tires over two jumps and a 90 degree berm without demolishing the whole rig.

Our record still stands as the fastest time for the race, ever.

Articulated T-rex costume 

"Hold Onto Your Butts"  (Red bull Soapbox Race - 2011)

In our hubris, we thought we could do it twice - our crew was the defending team of the Red Bull Soapbox Race, and sought to win the title again.  While we didn't win the race we came damn close, had an awesomely explosive crash, and I got to design, build, and puppeteer a wearable T-Rex, complete with an articulated jaw for biting.  We may not have won the race, but we got to take home a dinosaur.